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let's get the latest on the buses and the trains. for that we go to dave allen. >> good morning. the number 3 bus is diverting at the carmel bridge because of construction. the 10, 61 buses are diverting at light street and lombard street. the number 10 bus diverting at frederick because of tree trimming. the number 35 bus diversion because of a sinkhole. the number 50 bus diverting. the number 26 bus. the penn, camden, and brunswick lines looking good. light rail and metro subway running from top to bottom. now back to ava marie. >> thank you and good morning. we are waking up to dry weather in the city. you can see the light band of showers starting to push in from the west. some showers moving towards hansen. parts of the carroll county getting a little bit of what weather. any. has a chance to see some fog. more substantial thunderstorms moved through last night. they pushed through baltimore late last night. they are moving east. baltimore city didn't get much rain. baltimore city got about half an inch of rain and less at the airport. hopefully your report got a little bit
and the trains. for that we go to dave allen of the mta. >> good morning. on the brunswick line, no. 890 is running about 10 minutes late. for the buses, the 10, 30, 61, 64 buses are diverting around light st. and lombard street. number 35 bus is diverting because of a similar water main break. the number 50 bus is diverting as chesterfield because of construction. now back to tony pann. >> thank you. good morning. things are pretty quiet to start the day. we had a cold front move through last night. that is now drifting through the southern part of virginia. heat and rid of the the humidity for one day. temperatures will make it up into the upper a 90's. you can see that clearly on the temperature plot. temperatures in the 60's and the 50's in the northern part of maine. the heat will come back as we head towards the end of the week. we'll get a one day break from all that stuff. 68 in parkton. the dew points are in the upper 50's. 58 dew point at the airport. 56 in york, pennsylvania. precipitation wise, we have some storms in the carolinas and some thunderstorms in minneapolis-st. pau
's get the latest on the buses and the trains. dave allen of the and tsa. >> we still have those diversions in a fact. the 10, 61, and 120 the version at light street and lombard for water main repair. the number 50 bus is diverting. looking good on the penn, camden, and brunswick lines as well as light rail and metro subway. dave allen. here's tony pann. >> thank you. things should be pretty quiet for the morning commute. there is an area of low pressure off the delmarva coastline. we will put a chance for some showers or thunderstorms in the forecast. it will not be a widespread situation. most of the rain is along the lower eastern shore counties. showers andome thunderstorms around talbot county. bad drought situation. things are dry around baltimore. i would take an umbrella with you. some high, thin cloud cover on the satellite. 70 in jarrettsville and kind of muggy. the dew points or around 70 degrees. a mixture of sun and clouds. high temperatures between 84 and 89. watch for lightning if you take the boat out today. tonight we will see a slight chance for a thunderstorm
on the buses and the trains. for that we go to dave allen. >> the 61, 64 buses are still diverting at light street and lombard because of the water main. number 36 and 51 bus are detoured from washington boulevard at monroe because of construction, along with the number 50 bus. the 16 bus is delayed. the artscape display will be cleaned up and everything looks good for metro and subway. i'm dave allen. now back to tony pann. >> thank you. after a cool weekend, temperatures will get back to closer to 90 this afternoon. 71 at the airport. 69 in parkton. the dew points are running in the low 70's. we had a couple of sprinkles in some neighborhoods. generally a dry start on this monday morning in most areas. you can see some warm temperatures out in the west. mid to upper and 90's in chicago. that warm air is working its way to the east. it will be a slow process. as you change air mass, you can get some bumpy weather. we have some high, thin cloud cover and some disturbances with the sprinkles. most of the showers are on the other side of the mountains. that will come through later this mornin
'm dave allen. now back to john collins. >> the rain is over here in the city, at least for the time being. eastern shore, still a few showers. that's departing right now. heaviest rains are over the ocean. out to the west, yes, we still have some rain out there, and the front that generated last night's rain is still sitting right on top of us. it could happen again today. we just have to wait and see. for the next few hours, things are improving considerably. let's take a look at the numbers yesterday. we made it in the 90's for highs yesterday. 95 at the airport. inner harbor, 97 degrees for the high temperature. but that was, what, five, 10 degrees colder than it was the day before. 72 and 75 were the lows. look at the rain totals. the airport, less than an inch. it's a little more than 3/4 of an inch. but downtown at the inner harbor, just over three inches of rain was measured. here on tv hill, we're just north of that a couple of miles, we only 1.27 inches. the storms that went through produced varying amounts of rain. it wasn't officially a record rainfall here, because b.w.i. is t
. that is the latest on traffic polls 11. now let's go to dave allen of the mta. >> good morning. the 61, 64, 120 buses are diverted. 21 of preston in cathedral for the artscape preparations. so far so good for light rail and the trains. have a sick day today. >> we are starting off with dry conditions but i want to rewind to the radar yesterday as the thunderstorms pushed in. you can see the line starting in on the northern part of maryland. these came through the outside of baltimore and then they cleared out. now we are starting off with dry weather. a lot of clouds are already built in. a very warm start. 81 in the downtown area. 79 in annapolis. so much committed the overnight which caps -- kept the temperatures from falling. the high of 107 downtown. it took some time for those temperatures to fall. very humid with a dew point of 71. it is going to take some time until the air becomes a dreier -- becomes drier. 103 the record. we will be below that. we broke 102. there is a chance for thunderstorms today. it is much cooler, attend agrees that where we were yesterday. but i would not call this a c
for artscape. i'm dave allen. now back to ava marie. >> thank you. we're starting off quiet as far as the weather goes. nothing is going on. there are a few green dots. we did have a light shower and this is heading east and falling apart. that is the one shower this morning. everybody else has dry conditions. atre starting off near 75 the airport. 80 degrees was the low after inner harbor. the normal high today is 88. the record today is 101. we will be getting close to that. high temperatures once again in the upper 90's to near 100 degrees. 84 is the current temperature downtown. 77 in ocean city. in the 60's in the mountains. the dew point temperatures have been dropping down to the northern part of the state. 66 in parkton. 71 at the airport. 70's across the lower eastern shore. notice how some of the drier air is coming in from the north. if it is hi, not as bad. -- if it is hot, it is not as bad. we have quite a bit of sunshine as we're expecting the sun to creep over the horizon. high pressure should keep was mostly dry. better chance for a thunderstorm on thursday. mostly
on traffic pulse 11. now we check in with dave allen of the mta. >> the number 8 bus is delayed along with many diversions. 10, 61, and 120 buses are diverting at light street and lombard street. there is a diversion at monuments street because of the scene called repair. the number 50 bus is diverting because of construction. you may experience some delays on the mark, light rail's, and metro subway is because of the heat. right now everything is looking good. >> good morning. it was a nice day yesterday. temperatures mated into the upper 80's with no humidity. look off to the west. temperatures were up close to 100. some of that heat will be sliding closer to us. we're making the transition this morning. 70 at the airport. the dew points in the low 60's. they will start to come up and the humidity will get into the in comfortable range. things are fairly quiet. just a few high, thin clouds. this is the leading edge of the warm air and causing some thunderstorms east of pittsburgh. they are drifting in our direction. we could see some storms out in western maryland and maybe had over
. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now let's get the latest on the buses and the trains. dave allen of the mta, good morning. >> most diversion still in effect for the 10, 11, 30, 35, 64 commuter buses diverting around downtown baltimore. diversions on number 21 as they prepare for artscape. other than that, a smooth ride so far. now back to ava marie. >> thank you. it will be a hot and humid day. starting off with the dew point temperatures in the upper 60's at the airport and downtown. low to mid 70's across the lower eastern shore. it is a little drier in the western parts of the state. this will take a toll on the temperatures as the humidity makes it feel even hotter. 86 downtown. even out west, oakland starting off at 70 degrees. the humidity preventing the temperatures from dropping down overnight. forecasting highs all the way up near 100 for central maryland. mid to upper 90's later this afternoon at the eastern shore. a chance for a thunderstorm this afternoon at any point during the day in the mountains. we do have a heat advisory in effect for the majority of the state, from freder
go to dave allen of the mta. >> a new water main break is in effect and that is diverting the number 35 bus. the repairs on the water main at light street and lombard remain. some bosses are still diverting around the repair area. the number 50 bus is diverting at chesterfield. 870 is now 10 minutes late. the camden and brunswick lines looking good this morning. now back to tony pann. >> thank you. good morning. it will be another hot day today. we will carry the heat and humidity with a cold front coming by. oftentimes you get strong thunderstorms. here is the front we're talking about. it will sweep through here this afternoon. will create at least a slight chance for some severe weather in the mid-atlantic region including some large hail and wind gusts over 60 miles per hour. at least right now there is nothing going on. as will looked upstream, we can see some big thunderstorms near chicago and milwaukee. if they hold together, they could visit us later this afternoon. we will see how this goes. right now we have clear skies and maybe a few high, thin clouds. it is warm and mugg
allen west. >> good to see you and hopefully you had a good independence day celebration. >> dave: you wrote in the washington times about the vulcanization, gender, race, sexual orientation and income in these united states will lead us to a path of ruin. what do you mean. >> well i think as you have been discussing this morning already with i believe father jonathan and also governor scott walker, where you look at the liberals who moved away from the hope and change to a more divisive and envious type of rhetoric of dividing us in order to separate us and, among those lines of gender or sexual orientation or income levels or class because the most important thing is to control and have power and if you trace it back to the writings of karl marx and there is a book, democracy in america and he talked about how if we get to the point where politicians promise more largess to separate groups from public treasury that is the means by which they'll try to promote their re-election and control over the people. >> dave: and, a a fundraising event at port st. louaint lucie said the presiden
out to redskins training camp in ashburn with our dave ross. he has a special guest joining him. >> reporter: this is why you come out here to training camp on day one. how about the general manager of the redskins? bruce allen. thank you for taking the time. i know it's the first day. how excited are you as a gm to see what's going out here today when rg3 takes the field? >> it's going to be exciting. everybody signed, all the players have put in a lot of work this offseason. the coaches have put in a lot of work. we have a jolt in our franchise with the draft that we'll feel for the decade to come. now it's just the beginning, and all i'm worried about is injuries. >> reporter: so far everybody is healthy. you talked about getting him signed. it was important to get him here on time. you could have haggled over the contract. you didn't. you said it was more important for him to be here. is that the end result there? >> yeah. it's really up to the young man, though. it was important to robert to be signed. he's the one who really said, you know, i want to get in on time. i want
romney going to the naacp is not going to win him votes in the black community, but as lee allen said, sometimes spent time showing up. he's got to show up, but go to the urban league and the black chamber of commerce, other places besides the naacp. >> dave: as close it a political slam-dunk, going to being to 2000 the closest the republican has been bush 2004, 11% to john kerry's 88%, other than that and that's even a blowup. but receipt now, you've got obama at 91% and romney at 4%. does he have any chance with that african-american vote? >> well, i hope so because i don't think that republicans are the answer, but i think that they are an answer. you know, shirley put it this way, you do not vote for the party, you vote for the individual. blacks are not brain washed or bamboozled as-- >> and thank you, thank you. >> and you know, we both are interest not the party. we have chosen johnson over goldwater, a very good thing, but the abolitionists of old have become the obstructionists. and they warn against two water season. >>, but santia-- >> let me finish, he says that this divis
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)